Mental Health and Trauma Services 

A mental illness is a disease that causes mild to severe disturbances in thinking, perception and behavior, a disturbance that significantly impair a person's ability to cope with life's ordinary demands and routines. 

Many mental illness are believed to have biological causes, just like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, but some mental disorders are caused by a person's environmental experiences like the followings: 

• Anxiety Disorders 

• Mood Disorders

• Schizophrenia 

• Dementias 

• Eating disorders 

Our program for developmental disabilities is an in home care program for clients and families who need extra help in maintaining the quality of daily living. Our caregivers are specially trained to work with clients with specific needs and lifestyles. We offer non-medical in home health care for seniors and people of all ages with disabilities. 

Assistance can include: 

• Companionship 

• Comprehensive Personal Care 

• Transportation/outings 

• Meal preparation 

• Exercise programs 

In the other hand, there are events that happen to us as children or adults that are so overwhelming and inherently frightening that they cause temporary, and in some cases, permanent changes in our physical and psychological responses to stress. In general, post-traumatic stress disorder can be seen as an overwhelming of the body's normal psychological defenses against stress. Thus, after the trauma, there is abnormal function of the normal defense systems, which may result in certain symptoms. These symptoms are produce in three different ways: 

• Re-experiencing the trauma 

• Persistent avoidance 

• Increased arousal 


It is important to get treatment as soon as possible when symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) begin. If you do not get treatment, PTSD symptoms may become disabling. Once a person has experienced a traumatic event, many warning signs of can arise. 

• Inability to trust others 

• Difficulty concentrating / Easily distracted 

• Depression / Anxiety 

• Feeling uncomfortable in social situations 

• Abuse of drugs 

• Recurring thoughts from the trauma interfering with everyday life 

War trauma can produce far more troubling responses. Some traumatized persons and groups turn to "hatred and violence as ways of coping with traumatic wounds" the importance of promoting effective forms of healing among those who suffer such massive trauma cannot be ignored. Successful healing seems to require the reestablishment of "basic trust": individuals need to find ways to trust other individuals, but all survivors also need to be able to find ways to develop trust in the institutions of their society, which also are implicated in the management of collective violence. Some dimensions of healing can be successfully promoted by the efforts of psychiatrists and medical specialists who focus on individuals. 

At Mountain View Home Health and Hospice, our innovative program provides individualized treatment based on your case history with in-depth evaluations for the best available treatment. We educate our patient about the relationship between thought and feelings, exploring common negative thoughts and practicing new ways of looking at things. Our other treatment modalities include individual and group therapy, interactive psycho educational group and a rich variety of other comprehensive treatment, such as counseling, art and music therapy etc. 

Whether you are suffering from symptoms of post traumatic disorder, Depression, or Anxiety, at Mountain View Home Health and Hospice we will help you explore the root of trauma and its consequences, overcome your symptoms, and restore a sense of mastery in your life. Our caregivers work under a team that includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and therapists. Our psychiatric aides socialize with them and lead them in educational and recreational activities. At Mountain View Home Health and Hospice,our psychiatric aides may play card games or other games with patients. They observe patients and report any physical or behavioral signs that might be important for the field trips. We accompany patient to and from therapy and treatment.


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