Nutrition Services

At Mountain Home Health and Hospice, we recognize the importance of nutrition in managing home care patients. Mountain Home Health and Hospice has a dedicated team of registered dieticians on hand to consult with our home health staff and educate them about the unique nutritional needs of home health patients. In addition, we also offer support to family members whose loved ones are transitioning from oral nutrition to tube feeding, or from tube feeding back to oral nutrition. We also provide support to our diabetic patients by offering an assortment of diabetic testing supplies. No matter what nutrition method they employ, we are committed to helping our patients receive the sustenance their bodies need in the manner that best suits their lifestyle.

Our Services Includes; 

  • Pediatric home tube feedings
  • Adult home tube feedings
  • Supplies and equipment
  • Oral nutrition supplements
  • Home care assessment and monitoring
  • Patient, family, and caregiver education
  • Nutrition consultation


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